Competitive fund projects

Contents1 EU Technical Assistance TURKEY Project – risk-based inventory for the Mine Waste Directive2 EU ThermoMap Project – shallow geothermal energy3 Morocco-Hungary Bilateral Project – climate zones: mine contamination mobility4 EU Norwegian Fund Project – mine contamination transport in sensitive catchments EU Technical Assistance TURKEY Project – risk-based inventory for the Mine Waste Directive Gyozo Jordan: …

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Contracted Projects

EU Mine Waste Directive – risk-based inventory in Hungary Gyozo Jordan: PROJECT LEADER, MAFI The Mine Waste Directive requires the risk-based inventory of all mine waste sites in Europe by May 2012. The Hungarian approach is based on the EU guidance document co-authored by Gyozo Jordan: Stanley G., Jordan G., Hamor T., Sponar, M. 2011. …

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International Co-Operation Projects

Contents1 GEMAS Project – geochemical mapping of soils in Europe2 United Nations Danube Basin Programme (ICPDR) – web-based geochemical maps for the Danube Basin3 Bottled water chemistry – geochemical mapping of groundwater quality in Europe4 URGE Project – urban geochemistry in Europe 4.1 1 Attic dust geochemical survey4.2 2 Urban soil geochemical survey GEMAS Project …

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Research Projects

Contents1 Contamination risk assessment (RA) – a decision support tool2 SOURCE: Contamination mobility – field & lab leaching tests2.1 RED MUD leaching tests2.2 ORE MINE WASTE toxic element assessment3 PATHWAY: Contamination transport – transport & reaction modelling3.1 Catchment Erosion and Sediment Transport Modelling: Quantifying Particle-bound Contamination Fate3.2 Geochemical reaction modelling4 RECEPTORS: Contamination deposition – human …

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RED MUD & BAUXITE – world-wide review and geochemical analysis Current research has developed the largest geochemical database for red mud and bauxite composition currently available, based on world-wide review. The objective is to characterise the geochemical composition of red mud and bauxite, to point out heterogeneities in composition, and to investigate a link between bauxite and …

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