SERVICE: Contamination Risk Assessment Training

We are ready to provide training on contamination risk assessment methods and applications at (1) the regional and national level, and (2) local site level, in a legislative environment:

  • lectures: Source-Pathway-Receptor identification, source (hazard) characterization, pathway (transport) modeling and receptor (human and ecosystem) sensitivity assessment, indicator parameter selection, risk-based monitoring design, risk calculation, risk mapping and ranking, and spatial GIS analysis.
  • practical with documented case studies such the Ajka red mud catastrophe, Baia Mare mining area assessment; contamination risk assessment combined with Field observation (link to Offering: field sampling) and Lab analysis (link to Offering: lab analysis).

Left: Training lecture presentation on contamination risk assessment. Middle and right: GEM-RG representative sampling of mine waste for risk-based inert classification according to the EU Mine Waste Directive.


Training based on experience: risk-based inventory by GEM-RG: GIS database for mines and the environment.

GEM-RG personnel has solid references for the development, testing and application of contamination risk assessment at the regional scale  and at the local scale.

Several reports, books and published papers document our methods and applied results. Upon request, we also design and carry out your risk assessment.


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