Contamination Risk Assessment – MINES

SERVICE: Decision Support geochemical contamination assessment

We are ready to design, implement and evaluate environmental impact (EIA) and risk assessment (RA) at active and abandoned mining sites for private companies, local authorities and governments.



Water sampling and measurement



Mine waste sampling and field leach tests for toxic element mobility assessment


Implementation includes:

  • field sampling and measurement
  • laboratory test design and implementation
  • geochemical data analysis & interpretation.


Mine waste and contaminated soil sampling.


GEM-RG Competencies

Recent examples:

1. EU Project in Turkey:

2. Gold Mine – environmental geochemical analysis REPORTING (demo):


We also provide related

  • TRAINING: field observation and sampling
  • TRAINING: laboratory analysis
  • TRAINING: geochemical data analysis & interpretation.


GEM-RG: Gold Mine – static test and leaching tests for miming waste and soil & sediments.



GEM-RG: Gold Mine – environmental geochemical analysis REPORT. STATIC TESTS results and evaluation.



GEM-RG: Gold Mine – environmental geochemical analysis REPORT. Stochastic mass balance modeling – Correlation between solid rock (X axis) and Destilled Water dissolved (Y axis) Mo and Ni concentrations. Mobility assessment.



GEM-RG: Gold Mine – environmental geochemical analysis REPORT. Ficklin Diagram for leaching tests.


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