Risk-based Inventory – MINES

SERVICE: Risk-based Inventory

We are ready to design, implement and evaluate local, regional and national mine and mine waste risk-based inventory and environmental ranking (prioritization) for you. This is based on the most advanced EU Legislation and Protocols. Implementation includes:

  • field sampling and measurement
  • database design and GIS implementation
  • risk-based ranking of sites
  • web-based data reporting and representation.


Mine waste facilities risk classification (colour coded) web presentation.


GEM-RG Competencies

GEM-RG personnel has experience and documented results in mine and mine waste risk-based inventory and ranking based on the implementation of the EU Mine Waste Directive in Hungary and in Turkey. The EU Inventory Guidance is co-authored by GEM-RG researchers. Several published papers document our scientifically-based methods and applied results. Upon request, we also provide related

  • TRAINING: field observation and sampling
  • TRAINING: laboratory analysis
  • TRAINING: contamination risk assessment methods.


GEM-RG: European Commission – Guidance:

GEM-RG: National Inventory  – Hungary, Member State:

GEM-RG: National Inventory – Turkey, Candidate Country:



Risk-based inventory by GEM-RG: from European Commission legislation preparation, to European Commission Guidance Document and EU Member State implementation.



Risk-based inventory by GEM-RG: GIS database for mines and the environment.



Risk-based inventory by GEM-RG: GIS-based spatial analysis according to EU legislation and protocol.



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