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Meet the Scientist

The GEM-RG moving PICTURES presents:


The Geologist’s OnE Day.

From HARD ROCK to geochemistry.


Join the WONDERland of Geology and become a professional geologist! See our Meet the Scientist VIDEO on YouTube (in Hungarian).


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Meet the Scientist Programme:




The Meet the Scientist program was launched by the Hungarian Association for Innovation, the Hungarian Fulbright Association and the Embassy of the United States of America in Budapest. The program was announced at the First Hungarian Fulbright Day on September 24th, 2010 at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The goal of the program is to promote engineering and natural sciences along with education in the United States among high school students. In the first semester, four schools in Budapest and six in the country were visited by former Fulbrighters who work in science.

In the 2011/2012 school year, altogether 18 high schools, seven schools in Budapest and eleven in the country, were visited by Meet the Scientist Program by joining 17 new lecturers, former Fulbright scholars. Comparing to the last year, the program was widened. Lectures were followed by spectacular experiments presenting by the colleagues of the Palace of Miracles.



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