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Hi Folks!

Let’s play GEO-things TOGETHER!

WonDERer! LEarn! Do!


PLAY & FUN – K-2
Grades K-2


PLAY & FUN – kindergarten (3-6 years)
Grades 3-6


PLAY & LEARN – elementary school (7-12 years)
Grades 7-12


PLAY & DO – highschool (14-18 years)
Grades 14-18


It is essential to pass high level scientific research to the young generations and promote science and scientific carrier at early ages. My educational programme now is complete from kindergarten age (years 3-6) to elementary school and secondary grammar school, up to university classes. The following education and school programs are on-going:


  1. UNIVERSITY classes and training (see above at students)
  2. SECONDARY GRAMMAR SCHOOL-1: the US Embassy and Fulbright Commission Meet the Scientist Program‘From hard rock to environmental geochemistry’ lectures.
  3. SECONDARY GRAMMAR SCHOOL-2: science classes under the National Science Clubs activities.
  4. PRIMARY SCHOOL: a class titled ‘Ask the rock and it tells you all the story’.
  5. KINDERGARTEN: visit to the Geological Survey – ‘Minerals and fossils – alive!’ class.


See Presentations at Downloads.

„To my parents from whom I learnt to wonder, respect and love Nature and Her humans” J.Gy.