Katalin Zsuzsanna Szabo



Katalin is an environmental scientist, expert in geogenic radon mapping and monitoring. She also has experience in natural radioactivity (U, Th, K), and artificial 137Cs spatial and vertical mapping in soils. She was the first applying EU geogenic radon potential mapping method in Hungary. Kata is the member of the Hungarian Radon Expert Group and she is the National Representative for the European Radon Map and the Atlas of Natural Radiation Projects, Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring Group, Joint Research Center, European Commission. Currently, she works for the Chemistry Department, Szent István University, Hungary. She is the project leader of the National Science Fund Project ‘Numerical Modelling for Natural Radon Risk Assessment’. Gyozo Jordan acted as her PhD thesis advisor. Kata acts as the GEM-RG Expert of geogenic radon potential mapping, natural radioactivity, and environmental geochemistry and she contributes to project development and implementation.