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TopazWin is a user interface Windows program for TOPAZ commandline tools. It helps you to modify the settings of DNMCNT.INP, RASFPRO.INP, RASFOR.INP and PARAM.INP input files. Moreover, it facilitates the execution of the DEDNM.EXE, RASPRO.EXE, RASFOR.EXE, RASBIN.EXE, NSSTAT.EXE and PARAM.EXE programs. TopazWin is a stand-alone Windows application. You must create a directory and copy TopazWin.exe here. You must also copy here all the EXE and DLL files, moreover the above four INP files from the TOPAZ package. You can create a shortcut to TopazWin.exe in your Desktop or Windows menu.

TopazWin (280.5 KiB, 152 downloads)


PhreeqcREAD is a utility that reads Phreeqc speciation and saturation index calculation output files. The objective is to enable the user to easily extract (1) electric charge balance (EN%), (2) Saturation Index (SI), and (3) speciation of chemical elements from large PHREEQC ASCII text files. Three corresponding Excel compatible output tables (.csv) are created. The user can specify thresholds for (1) SI and for (2) the element species. Only those mineral phases and element species are written into the output tables that fall above these thresholds (e.g. SI>0.0; dissolved Ca species above 15%). PhreeqcREAD is a stand-alone Windows application. It is proposed to create a directory and copy PhreeqcREAD.exe here. You can create a shortcut to PhreeqcREAD.exe in your Desktop or Windows menu to easily start the program.

PhreeqcREAD (253.7 KiB, 143 downloads)



Research Projects – Jordan 2012 short – Download | 11.2 MiB | 871 downloads
Research – 2D-3D Modelling – Download | 10.7 MiB | 1008 downloads
Research Modelling – Terrain
Research Modelling – Floodplains – Download | 5.9 MiB | 1021 downloads
Research Modelling – Geochemistry – RED MUD
Research Modelling – Geochemistry – Catastrophe response – Download | 3.2 MiB | 1741 downloads
Research Modelling – Geochemistry – Risk assessment – Download | 4.8 MiB | 1090 downloads
Research Modelling – Geochemistry – Report 2011
Research Modelling – Geochemistry – Modelling – Transport reaction
Research Modelling – Geochemistry – Modelling – Landscape Geochemistry
Research Modelling – Geochemistry – Modelling – Hungary
Research Modelling – Geochemistry – Mapping
Research Modelling – Geochemistry – Mapping Hungary
Research Modelling – Geochemistry – Mining
Research Modelling – Geochemistry – Mining Inventory
Research Modelling – Geochemistry – Mining Inventory Hungary
Research Modelling – Geochemistry – Mining Recsk Mines
Research Modelling – Geochemistry – Recsk Mining Area- Field guide notes


Training TAIEX Mine Inventory



1. Environmental Geochemistry – Applied

  • Module 1. Sampling
  • Module 2. Lab analysis
  • Module 3. Data management
  • Module 4. Geochemical modelling

2. Monitoring and Time Series Analysis

3. Digital Terrain Analysis and 3D Geological Modelling

  • Module 1. DEMs, numerical terrain analysis, image processing
  • Module 2. 3D geological modelling (voxel, stratigraphic models)

Jordan PhD defense Uppsala University, Sweden 2004


  • PRIMARY SCHOOL: a class titled ‘Ask the rock and it tells you all the story’.
  • SECONDARY GRAMMAR SCHOOL -1: the US Embassy and Fulbright Commission Meet the Scientist Program ‘From hard rock to environmental geochemistry’ lectures.


Gold Mine – environmental geochemical analysis REPORT (demo) – Download | 1.9 MiB | 1554 downloads


GEMAS European Soils Geochemical Atlas Project

UNITED NATIONS FAO Presentation, ROME 2013 December (Clemens Reimann)

GEMAS Project Sampling Protocol

International Joint Training, BERLIN 2008 September (GEMAS Expert Group)

Meet the Scientist

Join the WONDERland of Geology and become a professional geologist! See our Meet the Scientist VIDEO onYouTube (in Hungarian).