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Mail: Gyozo Jordan
GEM-RG P.O. Box 62, Budapest 1441 Hungary
Phone: +36 30 728 4060
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Affiliation: Institute for Geological and Geochemical Research, Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Science (MTA) Address: Budaörsi ut 45, H-1112 Budapest, Hungary

About Us

The Geochemistry, Modelling and Decisions Reseach Group (GEM-RG) was established on basis of Gyozo Jordan’s  EEA/EU Norwegian Fund Research Grant for  ʺThe Furtherance of Internationally Acknowledged Young Researchers’ Careerʺ dedicated to the establishment of a sustainable research group of international significance in 2009-2011. The two-years research Project titled ’Geochemical Transport Modelling for Contamination Risk Assessment in Sensitive Catchments’ was implemented with the involvement of senior scientists Dr. Peter Szilassi of the Szeged University and Dr. Andras Bartha of the Geological Institute of Hungary, and visiting scientist Ahmed Korany of the Southvalley University in Egypt. MSc and PhD student participants were Attila Petrik, Imre Gaburi and Balazs Csuhanics.

The independent non-profit scientific research group is founded and headed by Dr. Gyozo Jordan and carries out state-of-the-art applied scientific research in the field of environmental GEOCHEMISTY, geochemical reaction and transport MODELLING in order to support environmental DECISIONS using formal decision support methods such as contamination risk assessment. Results are documented by international scientific research papers, conference presentations, research fund projects and references of working for governments and the industry.

The objective of GEM-RG is to deliver high quality scientific research results and to provide services such as environmental assessment, catastrophe response and training. GEM-RG delivers:

  • scientific research,
  • services, and
  • training.

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH is carried out primarily by GEM-RG leadership and participation in National (e.g. OTKA; NSF), Bilateral and International (e.g. EU FP7, EU EuropeAid) funded projects. SERVICES by GEM-RG are provided under contracts. TRAINING is carried out by courses at universities and educational organisations, through receiving research students and visiting scientists and by offering training service to governments and companies.

GEM-RG activities are rooted in geology, with a strong link to environmental geology and mathematical modelling of spatial and temporal geochemical processes and decision procedures.

GEM-RG is organized at two levels: the core Research Group and the surrounding Research Network. Members of the Research Group are experts and personnel in formal relation (contract, agreement) with Gyozo Jordan’s projects and those who have at least one international ISC publication with GEM-RG per year, or other high-quality reference such as joint EU projects that document joint scientific work and its results. Research Group Membership occurs by the approval of the Group Leader and is documented by inclusion in the Group web page ‘People’ and other sections. PhD and MSc students play an important role in the Group.

The Research Network consists of (1) scientists and professionals, (2) research organisations, (3) universities, (4) funded project consortia and (5) international expert groups. Members of the research Network have documented on-going professional activities with GEM-RG in Gyozo Jordan’s projects and research.


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The group acronym GEM-RG comes from the GEochemistry, Modelling and Decisions Reseach Group name. It also reads as ‘GEM’ i.e. gemstone, and the DIAMOND in the logo is a gemstone, indeed the most precious one.

DIMOND symbolises our group:

  • it a ‘gem’, a stone, it is rock and geology, the basis of GEM-RG
  • it is like pure spring water in nature and thus represents our target: the environment
  • it is polished showing the touch of human creative mind in relation to the environment: people, our other target
  • it is internally well-structured, and it is geometric suggesting science and mathematics, the basis of all our research
  • it is simple and pure like uncompromising natural science
  • it is the highest quality, which is our goal in our work
  • its strong, withstanding and thus reliable
  • it is ‘sustainable’: whatever conditions are around, it stays honest to its intrinsic qualities without change or compromise
  • it is transparent
  • and simply: it is beautiful!

The logo was designed by Gyozo Jordan in 2013.

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